Spray Tanning

spray tanAt Beautiful Bellies we use the new Pro-Tanning System that produces a fine mist which eliminates over spraying, giving your body an even tan.

We use the Minx bronzing collection which consists of premium liquids.

We have three types of bronzing liquids available, Minx Organic, Chocolate Sun & Minx RAPID.  Our consultant will help you choose the best option for your skin type.

Minx Organic Bronzing liquid produces a quick drying, natural long lasting glow. Minx Organic Bronzing Liquid contains a powerful blend of vitamins & antioxidants leaving the skin looking youthful.  This organic formula works with every clients skin tone creating a customised shade every time.  It does not contain alcohol and is fragrance free.  This liquid contains a small amount of cosmetic bronzers.  You will need to wash off the liquid within 6-8 hours of application.

Chocolate Sun is an intelligent dark spray tan for those who want the deepest tan.  Chocolate Sun contains skin firming properties such as caffeine & vitamins A, C & E.  This is a custom designed unscented liquid.  Minx Chocolate Sun is a quick drying formula producing an express tan.  Please be aware that this not for everyone! This liquid is a special event tan! You will need to wash off the liquid within 4-6 hours of application.

Minx RAPID is a specialised tanning solution, specifically designed to achieve superior results.  Achieve the ultimate tan by showering in 1 hour for a light to medium colour and 2 hours for a medium to dark colour.  Minx RAPID is strictly once application only as it does continue to develop over the next 24 hours.  Minx RAPID delivers an intense, even natural colour right from the first spray.


All over body tan using either Minx Organic, Chocolate Sun or RAPID bronzing liquids:  $30.00